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Suncoast Sandpipers

A Volkssport walking club in Tampa Bay, Florida

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Suncoast Sandpipers

18th AVV Biennial CoventionVolkssports are family-oriented, amateur athletic events. They are casual, though well-organized adventures in health, recreation, fellowship and fun. Volkssports evolved to be non-competitive from running races in Germany, and have spread to 28 other countries. Learn more about volkssport at the American Volkssport Association (AVA) Web site.

Volkssport walker on mapParticipants come from the general public and all are welcome to participate. All events are open to everyone. We encourage all to participate to the best of their ability. Pets are allowed at most outdoor events.

Most Volkssport events are walks of 5 or 10 kilometers (3.1 or 6.2 miles). Most events are accessible to families with strollers, and many are wheelchair friendly. The basic walk fee is $2. All events are eligible for IVV achievement awards for an additional $1. Other awards include colorful pins and patches.

All events are eligible for IVV achievement awards for the modest credit fee of $3.00. Other awards include colorful pins and patches. Certificates are awarded for the distance you’ve covered as well as the number of events you’ve completed.

You are welcome to join our club and participate in walk organization as you wish. You are equally welcome to remain unaffiliated and enjoy our events at your leisure.

Upcoming Events

Visit our Events page, or our Facebook page for updates. For group walk location and more information, see the YRE flyer.


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